POLISHED FingerTips....wishing you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY - ...a SPA Concept in Nail Care and other servies
Try our signature POLISHED Manicure.The perfect manicure at POLISHED FingerTips 
Enjoy a Sports Buff Mani
POLISHED Signature Manicure 

French Manicure
Shellac Manicure 

French Shellac Manicure

Buff Manicure

Natural French Tips

Color Change

Silk Wrap Nail Repair (per nail)
$ 4

Protein Nail Base Treatment (add-on)$ 2

POLISHED Paraffin Manicure

POLISHED Peppermint Spa Manicure

       * Exfoliation of the hands and forearms with our home-made Peppermint
           sugar scrub       
        * A rejuvenation Moisture Mask made with Peppermint Extract that deeply
           conditions your skin
        * Followed by the SPHATIKA Lemongrass Oil and our Peppermint cream 
        * Finishing off with a special nail care treatment to promote healthy nails

The Perfect Pedi          POLISHED Signature Pedicure

          Express Pedicure

          French Pedicure
Try our Sports Buff Mani & Pedi          $37

          Sports Buff Pedicure
        Paraffin Pedicure 

POLISHED Pedicure with a Peppermint Aloe Gel Soak for your tired feet-- and  a  massage with ANICA & Peppermint Oil... a healing remedy for achy tired feet
         POLISHED Extended Pedicure
         For extra dry and callus feet. This treatment Includes: 
          * A Hot Eucalyptus Soak
          * An Extensive Callus Removal Treatment
          * Exfoliation of feet /legs w/our Homemade natural Sugar Scrub 
         * Followed by a Cream application and massage to help improve dry and cracked feet
spa pedi flowers       
 POLISHED Spa Silver Pedicure 
 Enjoy this delicious Spa treatment ...that begins with your choice of either:
 Mango Tangerine   or   Milk & Honey
* Dead Sea Salt Soak & Soap Flowers
* Exfoliation of your legs & feet with natural sugar scrub
* Enjoy a hydrating mud mask for the lower legs
* An extended leg and foot massage with a special    hydration cream
* Finish off with the Perfect Polish including a nail protein treatment!

POLISHED Gold Spa Pedicure
           Enjoy this luxurious Lavendar Paraffin Spa Treatment ...that begins with a special...
           *   Dead Sea Salt Soak & Soap Flowers
           *  Exfoliation of your legs & feet with natural sugar scrub 
           *  Enjoy a hydrating mud mask for the lower legs
           *  An extended leg and foot massage with a special hydration cream
           *   Finish off with the Perfect Polish including a nail protein treatment!
Spa Pedicure Soak
       POLISHED Platinum Spa Pedicure 
       Indulge yourself in our ultimate POLISHED Green Tea Spa Pedicure 
                 *   Soak those tired feet in the plant powder & soap flowers
                *   Exfoliation of the legs & Feet with Sea Salt Scrub
                *  An application of Minerals Mud on the lower legs
                *  Extended Massage with a hydrating Gel
                *  Completing this Spa Treatment with a mositurizing Green Tea cream & massage
                * Finishing off with the Perfect Polish including a nail protein treatment!

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