POLISHED FingerTips....wishing you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY - ...a SPA Concept in Nail Care and other servies
Summer purple polish nails
     POLISHED Mani & Pedi 
        $38  (Tuesday & Wednesday ONLY!) 
Shellac fingernails
    Shellac Manicure
         $30 ( 25% off Tuesday & Thursday Only! )
    Shellac Mani & POLISHED Pedi 
       $56  (Tuesday & Wednesday Only!) 
Introducing SHELLAC MOOD Polish
it changes with your body and air temperature
and comes in comes in 12 Exciting New Colors!
 mood polish...watch it change!
POLISHED Signature Manicure with Extended Pedicure
$50  (Tuesday – Wednesdays- allow 75-minutes)

Mani/Pedi and Facial Wax
$50   (Either: Eyebrows, Chin & Upper Lip, or Side Burns your choice - PICK ONE!)
Facial Wax Removal
$20    (Eyebrow, lip & Chin)

POLISHED Vacation Essentials                                                                                     
$125   (Signature Mani/Pedi, Eyebrow, Underarm, High Bikini & Lower Half Leg) 
black waxed legsBrazilian & Full Leg Wax  
french perfect pedi polish Underarm Wax with our GiGi wax 
Waxing Wednesdays
 (20% off waxing - Does not apply to Facial Waxing)          

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